Kirk P. Perucca, President

Project Equality

P.O. Box 7085, Kansas City, MO 64113-0085


It's about each of us. All of us finding strength in our diversity.
Project Equality’s Diversity and Inclusion Summit brings together leaders in the civic, educational, financial, governmental, health, corporate and legal communities to discuss where we are in 2015 on the road to full inclusion, but even more importantly, what strategies will make equality and access a reality for all.

Perspectives from Seven Kansas City Leaders

Seven of the Kansas City metro’s top leaders will discuss the state of diversity and inclusion in throughout the region, with each offering an assessment within his or her area of expertise. KCMO Mayor Sly James will provide an overview of the entire community; Captain Dan Haley will discuss the Kansas City Police Department and race relations; Senator Jolie Justus will address the state of inclusion for LGBTQ persons; Susie Haake will offer perspectives regarding individuals with disabilities; Cici Rojas will present the Hispanic community’s role in the metro; and Gwen Grant will focus on the work of the Urban League in leadership in the work for civil rights.


Participants are invited to pose written questions to these leaders through Twitter or a physical bulletin board onsite.


Cultural Proficiency

Values help shape how we approach life. Although people may come from different cultures and have different backgrounds, they may share similar values. And although we may look similar, our values may be dramatically different. The first feature of this segment includes the “I Am Me Because” video, which focuses on the values that shape us and their similarities and differences.


The second feature of this segment utilizes the “Cultural Proficiency Continuum,” as we assess the Kansas City community’s progress toward equality for all persons. Participants will determine the areas to be assessed and their assessments, with the results being compiled and shared with all participants.

About Project Equality:

Project Equality believes in equality and justice in the workplace. We unite the corporate, nonprofit, education and religious communities into a force for equality, justice and fairness in the workplace. Through facilitated discussions community leaders identify and establish best practices that enhance workplace fairness. We work collaboratively to spotlight the best resources in our region that empower fairness in the workplace.

The workplace should be a place employees can thrive and grow. Discrimination is still common in the workplace. It takes many forms. Disparate treatment due to race, sexual harassment towards employees, reprisals because sexual orientation, terminations due to age, ability/disability, age or religious bias. Project Equality works to raise the awareness of all forms of discrimination.
Project Equality is honored to have as our Keynote Speaker singer, songwriter, country music star, author and LGBT rights activist Chely Wright. Chely founded the LIKEME Organization in March, 2010 and opened the LIKEME Lighthouse in March 2012. Her memoir, “Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer,” tells about her life and her career, about growing up in America’s heartland, the youngest of three children barely remembering a time when she didn’t know she was different. Also in 2010, Wright released her documentary titled “Wish Me Away,” which chronicles her coming-out process. Chely has been a role model for millions of people since her musical debut and she is now a positive example of someone who chose to be true to themselves by living openly.

Chely's book will be available for purchase after her Keynote Address. She will stay until 12:30pm to sign copies.